Thursday, June 30, 2011

letting go

My Dad once asked me how I managed to"let go" of these kiddos once they started kindergarten and left "Bobbie's House". It occured to me that it IS a bit sad, that they grow up and get to go to school all day instead of being here with me.  But at the same time, I am in denial about them leaving. It's like they are not ever really gone. I really don't often say "goodbye" to the littles. They just grow and become "big kids" in middle school and high school with cell phones  that they text me on at least once a week. They come back every summer for a couple weeks, they come to Christmukkah, they come to family celebrations, like graduation parties. So, though they are not here every day, they stay in my heart. So when they come back, or I run into them around town, the goodness is still there. So Dad, there is your answer, I love them too much to ever let them go completely. Just ask my own kids! I live in denial-- Katie was not out of the country for three years, Sean did not just graduate from college and Jenny doesnot live in Philly! They just are not home right now--