Friday, April 22, 2011

Going to the Zoo

One of my favorite field trips is going to the Zoo. Partly cuz there is that really cute and annoying song about "going to the zoo-zoo-zoo, how about you-you-you" and partly cuz the kids have so much fun. One of my favorite zoo stories is when Ella was about 2 and a half. We were all at the zoo, Jenny and I took Hannah, Alice, Ella & Vada. We were over by the lions and tigers and next to them are the giraffes. After an eventful observation of the lion, who roared really loud at us, we went around to see the giraffes. (my personal favorites, not sure why, other than they don't eat other animals and they are really tall and i always wanted to be tall) So we are watching the giraffes and the lion starts roaring again. I told Ella that he was roaring cuz he wondered where she had gone. I told her she better "roar" back. So she did, a very load sound from such a tiny person. Then the lion roared again and Ella roared again. Then here comes one of the giraffes, right over to Ella. It got very close, pulling its head down toward here, like it was trying to figure out where that really load sound was coming from. It was a great photo op, which i missed, but a great memory!

Friday, April 1, 2011


We sing this song, "friends, friends, one-two- three, all my friends are here with me" and then we name everyone in the house, including the pets..."Maggie's my friend, Jack's my friend, Nell's my friend, Mason's my friend, Bobbie's my friend..." you get the idea.

But where do we go and what do we do when our friends don't act like our friends? Well, we cry, pout, tattle, grunt, yell, AND the all time most horrible response anyone can give...


That is the most terrifying thing that can happen, that someone does not get to come to their friends birthday. Some kids use this threat daily to get their way, with other kids it pops up once in a great while....
SO--- to give a funny example, Van was yelling about something I was doing that was annoying him (like I don't even remember what, maybe I told him the sky was blue) and he whipped out the "YOU can't come to MY birthday". Well, I decided to tell him that was fine cuz HE can't come to MY BIRHTDAY. "Well", Van said, "you don't have birthdays cuz you're old-- you're a grandma" (which I am OLD, but most certainly AM NOT a grandma....)

Anyway, i guess i "got told"