Friday, September 16, 2011

pink kitten?

so little katie is now a three year old in the prime of being three. she is funny and serious and sweet and learning everything at the speed of light. she loves the color pink, wears it EVERY day, even if that is just a pink hairbow with her navy blue school school uniform... anyway,  her family got a KITTEN last weekend.

very exciting! i was asking her about the new kitty. she told me her name was "gloria" and her mom told me how old she was and how big she was. we decided we would make toys for her during craft time later in the morning. after mom left, i wanted to know more about the kitten. i asked katie what color she was. "well," said katie very thoughtfully,  "she's not a very pretty color..." i said "really?" "no", said katie, "not a very pretty color like pink, or purple. she is white and black."
hard not to giggle at the thought of a pink or purple kitten.... so i suggested we make her some pink or purple cat toys, which we did. gloria loved them, but maybe not as much as katie loves gloria!

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